Vaccine fearmongerers succeed — more measles in Europe

How do we vaccinate ourselves from fearmongering?

The CDC reports,

During 2003–2009, substantial progress was made toward the previous goal of measles elimination in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region (EUR) by 2010 (1,2). However, since late 2009, measles virus transmission has increased, and outbreaks have become widespread. In 2011, measles outbreaks have been reported in 36 of 53 EUR member states; a total of 26,074 measles cases had been reported regionwide as of October 26. France reported the largest number of cases (approximately 14,000), predominantly among older children and young adults who had not been vaccinated or whose vaccination history was unknown. Overall, the primary reason for the increased transmission and outbreaks of measles in EUR is failure to vaccinate susceptible populations.

Read the full CDC report.

Read about how the article that started vaccine hysteria was fraudulent.

2 thoughts on “Vaccine fearmongerers succeed — more measles in Europe”

  1. This rise in European cases of measles can be directly related to the rising Muslim communities that teach that such innoculations are some evil government plan to sterilize Muslim children. Europe is headed back to the Dark Age thanks to these 6th century prophets of insanity.

  2. Gee, the Precautionary Principle triggers the Law of Unintended Consequences… Who could have guessed?

    Fortunately me and all of mine had the MMR way long ago. Same wtih DTP and polio. I’m ex-military so my shot record looks like a library book, but I made sure my son and his kids all got properly shot up as well. One thing they do right in the Peoples Republic of Minnesota is childhood shots or no entrance to school.

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