Group frames climate protection as a moral cause?

We’ll try to do this without spontaneously combusting.

The Washington Post reports,

A broad coalition of civic leaders, elected officials, and labor, environmental and social activists launched a campaign Wednesday aimed at convincing U.S. politicians that they should curb greenhouse gas emissions for moral and ethical reasons.

The Climate Ethics Campaign — which kicked off with a Capitol Hill news conference headlining Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) — comes as negotiators are struggling to make progress at U.N. climate talks in Durban, South Africa.

“We believe it’s time to talk about our moral obligation to prevent the human suffering ­created by climate change, to safeguard the poor and most vulnerable communities from harm they did not create, and to protect the natural environment that is the source of all life,” said campaign coordinator Bob Doppelt, executive director of the Resource Innovation Group, a nonprofit association affiliated with Willam­ette University…

The enviros say it’s a moral duty to safeguard the poor from climate change?

Would these be the same enviros who have essentially killed tens of millions and sickened billions of people since the 1970s with their campaign to eradicate DDT, the most effective and inexpensive malaria control practice?

Would these be the same enviros whose attitude toward the third world has been “…better off dead than riotously reproducing”?

Would these be the same enviros who have deprived the third world of the electricity and other infrastructre development needed to raise its standard of living?

The enviros make [pick your favorite evil-doer] look like a humanitarian.

Read the Washington Post article.

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2 thoughts on “Group frames climate protection as a moral cause?”

  1. This reminds me of a climate activist event a couple years back. A journalist (I forget his name) took the podium and asked the audience: ‘What if I was the Climate Fairy and could wave my wand, and make all CO2 not have any effect on the climate. That would mean we could emit as much as we wanted and not worry.” The audience booed.

    It’s not really about CO2, and it’s not really about global warming. Never was.

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