Mountain Whining: Climbers threatened by global warming?

“Had the rockfall happened a day earlier, ‘It was clear that we all would have been killed,’ said Mr. House, who links the problems at Le Petit Dru to global warming. Scientists like Mr. Schlüchter cautioned that not every rockfall could be attributed to the climate.”

And none can be tied to manmade greenhouse gas emissions.

The New York Times reports,

… mountaineers around the world find themselves forced to adjust to a warming world. Routes that were icy or glaciated in the middle part of the past century, when the world’s highest peaks were being conquered for the first time, are turning into unstable and unappetizing rock…

You’d think the last people to whine about a potential extra level of difficulty would be supposedly rugged mountain climbers. Apparently they don’t make suicidal maniacs like they used to.

4 thoughts on “Mountain Whining: Climbers threatened by global warming?”

  1. Of course they can blame every rockfall on global warming/climate change, and every other natural occurring event in the world. Schlucter is going to get his wrist slapped by the U.N.

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