Pueblo Chieftain: Obama’s ‘Power Grab’

“The economic harm here is devastating.”

Southern Colorado’s Pueblo Chieftain comments on the Obama EPA’s new mercury rules:

CANDIDATE BARACK Obama often told voters he wanted to raise the price of energy to the levels paid by Europeans.

Last week his Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson took a step toward that goal, issuing a rule that threatens to shut down many coal-fired power plants around the nation.

Not only would this have the effect of raising electric rates, it also would threaten the reliability of electric power in some sections of the country.

Ostensibly, the rule is meant to slow down “global warming” and to save the public billions of dollars of health benefits like fewer cases of asthma. But increasingly the religion of man-made global warming has been discredited by many climate scientists, and the total health benefits of reducing mercury emissions amount to about $6 million — not “billions.”

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is tasked with protecting the reliability of electric power, but it failed to do so in this case. While a FERC economist complained during rule-making that the EPA “does not answer anything associated with local reliability,” the EPA reported to Congress that it had “very frequent substantive contact and consultation with FERC.”

With this stretching of the Clean Air Act way beyond its legislative intent, we have to believe the FERC version of what went on. Remember, this is an administration peopled with various “policy czars” who have never been vetted or confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and so do not operate under any kind of checks and balances.

Ms. Jackson’s 1,117-page rule is just another power grab by the Obama administration over the lives of Americans. The economic harm here is devastating.

Below is a video clip of Obama promising to make energy prices skyrocket.

10 thoughts on “Pueblo Chieftain: Obama’s ‘Power Grab’”

  1. After all: “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

  2. The government has been wrong about the dangers of lead, mercury, DDT. So why would they be right about this rule. Show me the Bodies!! They can’t because they have none.

  3. Warnings ignored by the media, while spreading the lies of the alarmists warning of impending global disaster. The media joins Obama and the destructive minority of radicals that have taken over the government. Pray for our leaders, and pray for America the only hope for the world.

  4. This while the Obama administration is pushing the public toward electric
    vehicles. At some point, you have to realize that the administration is either
    intentionally destructive, or profoundly stupid. Doesn’t matter which, we
    need to vote them out either way.

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