Media Matters: Limbaugh ‘climate change misinformer of the year’

Limbaugh has actually been almost clairvoyant.

Media Matters writes,

In 1994 Rush Limbaugh declared, “There is no global warming going on,” adding that scientists “admit” they “may need 20 years more data to prove it.” Since then, Limbaugh has managed to shield his brain from 18 years of mounting evidence that humans are changing the climate.

But of course, Limbaugh was actually prescient as there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995, a non-trend confirmed by Climategate’s Phil Jones in 2010.

Read Media Matters’ “Rush Limbaugh: Climate Change Misinformer of the Year.”

3 thoughts on “Media Matters: Limbaugh ‘climate change misinformer of the year’”

  1. Rush is smart enough too know how hard the truth is to find in todays world. You can’t find it by just turning on your TV. So if they tell you it’s raining, get your golf clubs and go outside and see for yourself.

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