Activists press EPA for tough GHG permit restrictions

Enviros are aiming to make cap-and-trade look like it would have been a walk in the park.

Inside EPA reports,

EPA in its first two greenhouse gas (GHG) permits for major pollution sources is imposing tighter “averaging” times that set shorter compliance windows for meeting GHG limits than limits in state permits, which activists say will ensure the limits are met but industry warns may be difficult to meet…

A Sierra Club source applauds EPA’s shift to including shorter averaging times, noting that it “obviously makes a difference” in determining compliance, as companies must meet hourly rather than annual emission limits…

However, one power industry source says the shorter averaging times might be a problem going forward, depending on their stringency of the limits. “An annual limit in particular with CO2 seems to be a much more rational way to go. We certainly hope EPA doesn’t issue a standard that nobody can meet,” the source says…

The Sierra Club source says the limits “make a lot of sense because it ensures it will be operating as efficiently as it can on a continual basis. . . . It gives you some flexibility, but you have to be operating a plant in a way to minimize GHG emissions and operate optimally… If you just have an annual limit, you don’t get [those] benefits.”

The Sierra Club has expertise in power plant operations?

6 thoughts on “Activists press EPA for tough GHG permit restrictions”

  1. David, you obviously don’t understand. We call things theories now because we were tired of “laws” being broken, or perhaps we are not so arrogant anymore. The proper term for AGW is “unproven hypothesis”.

  2. bmatkin, I understand what you are saying. My question is though, how can courts legislate science anymore than the evolution decision vs. the Bible. Congress should legislate that courts can not rule what the science is. That would be a step in the right direction. Legislation/man’s law is not science. That is the point.

  3. When are these stupid businesses going release that appeasement doesn’t work. Grow a backbone, stand up to these genocidal tyrants and tell them to shove it.

  4. David: It has nothing to do with science, everyone knows that but the useful idiots. It is and always has been about power. The left is bankrupt of ideas, directions and visions and has known that for probably a couple hundred years. What’s left is power. The way to get the power is through taxation.
    Its that simple. Hell, even Lenin knew that and said as much.

  5. How can a law be passed for science when that science says it is a theory and not a law of science. The law of man does not make theory science. This is beyond incredible and an outright insult to anyone with half a brain. Let alone those of us with full cranial ability and capacity. Crap science is not the law of man or science. We need a full congressional investigation why theory is a law of man or science.

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