Magic Kingdom report — not green!

Good news from DisneyWorld’s Magic Kingdom.

Although Disney CEO Robert Iger likes to talk green, at least at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, green has yet to take obvious hold. That is:

  • No green propaganda was on display in the theme park or resorts.
  • There were no obvious displays or boasting of solar/wind power, or of saving energy.
  • Incredible consumption was everywhere.
  • There were no pleas to save the environment by reusing bath towels.
  • Veal not vegetarian was emphasized on the menu.

2 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom report — not green!”

  1. I was there in 1985 and I firmly recall that when we were on their “railway” that they talked about experimenting with solar power to keep it running.

    However, for the rest of the rides, and the night time activity (ha, one of my sons almost got lost and my youngest was too young to remember that he was wide awake through the whole thing!!) there was no signs of being “green” 🙂

  2. Well, one of their behind the scenes tours a year ago was proud of the alternate energy initiatives they had employed like burning their garbage. I was there again last week and didn’t do that tour. Maybe they are quitetly moving on like Google? (Also didn’t get a chance to check in on their charade at Animal Kingdom to see if they still present an American Eagle as being made possible by the war on DDT without so much as a mention of the tens of millions of human deaths that were made necessary by that green movement.)

    I challenge them to power Disney World with wind turbines and solar cells located solely at Disney World. It would be a grand display of green energy for all that is worth and is not worth. I just wouldn’t be willing to pay for the expensive intermittency of the Grand Electric Light Parade. Just think of all the electric buses and trams and trains and ferries and fairies. Think of the air conditioning in August. Oh My!! Not to mention the grand beauty of the hundred thousand wind turbines towering over Cinderallas castle. They have a term for that. “Bad Show.”

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