Beck interviews Gingrich on the environment, climate

A not-too-flash interview of a presidential hopeful who still doesn’t seem to get the green thing.

Below is a few minutes of Newt Gingrich being interviewed by Glenn Beck. Beck asks bad questions. Gingrich gives CYA answers. Listeners are now more nervous than ever. “I believe in the environment”? “Green coal plants are prudent”? Gingrich can get nuclear power plants built? Beck should have asked Gingrich about EPA, something he might have control over if he’s elected.

The environment part begins at about 3:27 into the clip.

3 thoughts on “Beck interviews Gingrich on the environment, climate”

  1. Neither Gingrich nor Romney nor any of the Republican candidates have followed the AGW fraud. They are lazy. They do not read the research. They are all walking talking points. Gingrich is a fool.

  2. Neither Gingrich nor Romney have a clue what a fraud AGW really is. We may as well have Obama as one of those two. At least we know he can’t be trusted.

  3. Gingrich has no policy or understanding of his own. He only views the “Green Thing” in how to play it politicially.

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