IBD: Durban Decay

“So an accord has been reached at the Durban climate conference after all. Or did envoys merely agree to make a real deal later, letting them continue with their corrupt enterprise?”

Investor’s Business Daily editorializes:

… The headlines say the representatives at the United Nations climate conference in South Africa reached an agreement. But the real story is that the meeting only produced an agreement to start more talks on a deal to replace the Kyoto Protocol by 2015 with emissions limits that won’t be in effect until 2020.

Despite the uncertainty of such a proposition, one official, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, South Africa’s foreign minister, nevertheless had the nerve to claim “We have saved planet Earth for the future of our children and our great-grandchildren.”

Apparently she’s forgotten that the alarmists have said that global warming must be solved now — that Prince Charles traveled to Rio de Janeiro 33 months ago and lamented that the world had “less than 100 months” to save itself…

Read the full IBD editorial.

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