Canada debunks notion of ‘legally binding’ treaty

In case you missed world history class, Canada reaffirms the worth of international treaties.

Climate treaty advocates want an international agreement that is legally binding.

But as reported by AFP:

Canada on Monday became the first country to declare it was formally exiting the pact, a reversal that will save it billions of dollars in fines, and poured scorn on the landmark treaty for hampering attempts to tackle pollution.

So Canada failed to live up to the Kyoto protocol, didn’t want to pay the fines for its failure and withdrew from the pact.

Canada will not be sued. It will not be arrested. It will merely take a few slings and arrows from critics:

But China, the world’s largest carbon emitter, hit out at Canada, with foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin describing Ottawa’s decision as being “against the efforts of the international community,” and “regrettable.”

“We hope Canada will face up to its responsibilities and obligations, honor its commitments and actively participate in relevant international cooperation against climate change,” Liu told a regular media briefing in Beijing.


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