Gingrich climate book coming post-election

This looks scary.

The Los Angeles Times reports,

At a time when the Republican presidential candidates are swiftly backing away from past moderate environmental positions, Newt Gingrich may be the only one with a book pending on the topic.

Gingrich and Terry L. Maple have something of a sequel in the works to their 2007 book, “A Contract with The Earth,” tentatively titled “Environmental Entrepreneurs.”

The duo’s first book called on policymakers and businesspeople on the right to show they had better ideas for protecting the environment and creating jobs than government did. The new book is a collection of essays by various businesspeople and scientists to be edited and stitched together by Gingrich and, mostly, Maple, a former chief executive of the Palm Beach Zoo.

The author of a chapter on climate change is Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech whose work focuses on assessing the impact of climate change and communicating it to broader audiences, including those traditionally dubious of global warming, like Christian colleges.

The book “requires a good opening chapter that lays out the facts on global climate change, but I would like this chapter to be framed with optimism, not gloom and doom,” Maple said in an email to Hayhoe in October 2007. “All that is needed from you is to provide a sense of what needs to happen. What is the window of opportunity and what does the science tell us about our chances for remediation?”

Like most climatologists, Hayhoe accepts the broad scientific consensus that the climate is changing and that humanity’s combustion of fossil fuels is the main reason for it…

First, our environment is already clean and safe — not sure we need more environmental snake oil salesmen.

Next, the Hayhoe chapter is of concern in light of Gingrich’s green wobbling this week.

Finally, and as spotlighted in Steve Milloy’s January 2008 column “Gingrich Out-Greens Al Gore“, the Gingrich-Maple “A Contract With the Earth” was a frightening example of someone offering solutions to non-existent problems relating to a topic about which he knows little other than what he has skimmed in the New York Times.

Read the Times article.

4 thoughts on “Gingrich climate book coming post-election”

  1. Dear Friends: I think we can now FORGET…about the LOSER that is Gingrich, he’s just “killed-himself” politically, because much of our objection to O’Bama is his advisers’ stupidity in persisting to support Anthropomorphic(–man-caused) global-warming/climate change, which, as Globalists/Soviet-style World Fascists, they HAVE…to maintain…the tired, old, “Party-line(–Communist Party!)” of man-caused climate change. Sages like Michael Savage & Mark Levin have warned us about covert-liberal-RINO-HACKS like “Gang-Rich” who have never avoided feeding at a Washington, Rockefeller, Beltway-BOZO trough! I NOW count Gangrich FINISHED, as a Republican candidate, he’s BLOWN-IT, now! I’m glad we’re finding-out now, I don’t expect him to win any primaries, but if he does, it still won’t matter, if the Conservatives can seize the Republicrat-Party from its Demon-crat-leaning, Globalist masters. No wonder O’Bama was not attacking Gangrich, he was his Socialist-Puke-brother-accross the Aisle between the Parties! By the way, Canada has just REJECTED Kyoto, realizing its simply a SHAM to take more Trillions from the West and give it to the “Turd-world”, enriching not their Noble, long-suffering citizens, but the dictators RULING in those corrupt, Turd-world countries.

  2. There is another article about Hayhoe shortly before the one linked here. A terrible piece of journalism. Look how the journalist sidesteps the issue of who is funding Hayhoe. Clever, in a way. THat means who is funding Hayhoe is very interesting. If it is BP or Shell or Goldman, that would be embarrassing. If she were taking money from the government serving for “educational” purposes, not political, that would be fraud. But then, given the Times, half its staff might be taking government PR funds for the “environment” and “Obamacare.”

  3. Challenging “… business people on the right to show they had better ideas for protecting the environment and creating jobs than government did.” Presuming that government creates more jobs than business. Hmmm. Presuming that business people “on the right” must oudo the government? Double Hmmm. Presuming that the environment is the ultimate factor in business. Triple Hmmm. I’m going to presume that this guy is Big Government through and through and will use “The Environment” as a bludgeon if given the opportuntiy. That makes him a presumptive fail for me.

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