Explosive: Fisker Recall for Battery Fire Risk

Yes, but can taxpayers recall their $528 million subsidy for the Made-in-Finland cars?

Autoweek reports:

Fisker Automotive is recalling 239 Karma hybrid cars to fix a defect in the vehicle’s high-voltage battery.

The recall notice, posted today on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Web site, says the campaign targets all 2012 Fisker Karma models manufactured between July 1 and Nov. 3 of this year. A123 Systems supplies Fisker with the lithium-ion batteries used in the Karma.

A123 previously sent a notice to customers and investors letting them know of a possible safety problem with the battery’s cooling system.

Fisker hasn’t received any complaints, warranty claims or any other reports related to the defect. On Dec. 21, Fisker notified federal regulators that the company had identified a defective battery part. The agency believes that less than 40 of the 239 affected cars by the battery problem have been delivered to customers.

The fix targets hose clamps improperly positioned during assembly. The misalignment could cause coolant to leak from the cooling hoses, potentially causing a fire, the agency said…

One thought on “Explosive: Fisker Recall for Battery Fire Risk”

  1. KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.
    Greater efficiency inevitably leads to greater complexity.
    At some point, the increased investment and operational costs exceed the savings from the improved efficiency.
    For hybrids, the transition point was a ways back

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