Battle of 2012: Rep. Bob Latta v. Angela Zimmann

Help Rep. Bob Latta (R-Ohio) continue his valiant efforts to rein in the EPA.

As reported by the Toledo Blade:

Fifth Congressional District candidate Angela Zimmann is blasting incumbent U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) for his record on the environment.

Ms. Zimmann of Springfield Township is running for the seat as a Democrat.

At a news conference Wednesday morning, she called attention to a recent Los Angeles Times editorial that named Mr. Latta one of the top 10 “most powerful and outspoken opponents of clean air, clean water, conservation, and climate action.” The editorial highlighted an amendment offered by Mr. Latta to the TRAIN Act, which environmental groups say is an attack on air-pollution regulations passed by the House this year.

A spokesman for Mr. Latta said the amendment requires the Environmental Protection Agency to consider economic impacts when setting clean air quality standards.

“Ohio’s Fifth Congressional District has a rich history in manufacturing and a talented and experienced workforce. … New restrictions that would require downsizing the workforce and discourage new businesses from opening up in the Fifth District should not be set without considering all of the available information,” Latta spokesman Isabel Santa said in an email. [Emphasis added]

Without Latta’s amendment to the TRAIN Act, the EPA is free to regulate without considering the real-life consequences, thereby allowing EPA to kills jobs and cause economic harm at will.

Here’s how you can help:

Yes, House Republicans failed to rein in the EPA in 2011. But we cannot afford to lose strong allies like Latta during the Battle of 2012.

One thought on “Battle of 2012: Rep. Bob Latta v. Angela Zimmann”

  1. These enviroweenies are completely sold on the LNT scam (Linear No-Threshold). They are also craven cowards mewling constantly to be saved from reality by Nanny State forces who will then promise utopia if only we empty our pockets and give it to them along with all our freedoms.

    A pox on both their houses.

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