Venezuelan Vitriol at Durban

Maybe Claudio Salerno made more sense in Spanish.

Climatewire reports:

, called the offer “blackmail,” saying, “The second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol has been taken hostage today in Durban.”

[Venezuela’s lead negotiator, Claudia Salerno,] accused industrialized countries of threatening not to comply with an international legal commitment [to cut emissions]. Lamenting what she called “the selfishness of these predatory economies,” Salerno — whose country is one of the world’s largest exporters of crude oil — said “we cannot save the future by destroying the present.”

2 thoughts on “Venezuelan Vitriol at Durban”

  1. Imperial Rome had a predatory economy. Imperial Britain had a predatory economy. Nazi Germany had a predatory economy. Economic ‘predation’ = conquest.
    There are no more ‘predatory’ economies of significance. There are no countries in the conquest business for now.
    There *are* parasitic economies, economies that thrive based primarily on the capital they can bleed from the citizens of healthier economies through specific industries as piracy (parts of Indonesia, Somalia), addictive drugs (Columbia, Afghanistan) or tourism.

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