U.S. taxpayers out $5.1 billion in foreign climate aid

GOP presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich signed on to Rick Perry’s idea of starting out foreign aid budgets at zero. Here’s one that should stay that way.

Climatewire reports,

The United States has delivered $5.1 billion in climate change assistance to the world’s poorest countries since 2009, U.S. Deputy Envoy Jonathan Pershing said yesterday.

Speaking in Durban, South Africa, where nations are meeting for an annual U.N. climate change conference, Pershing said the United States gave $3.1 billion of that money in 2011. The funding is part of a global “fast start” commitment to deliver $30 billion to vulnerable countries by 2012.

“The U.S. and other developed-country parties are well on their way to fulfilling the fast-start $30 billion finance goal,” Pershing said…

Pershing said the United States on Thursday will release a full report detailing where U.S. money has come from and where it has gone. [Emphasis added]

Can’t wait!

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