The problem with Lamar?

We recently reported that Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander won’t vote to vacate the EPA’s atrocious Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. Now we know why.

According to Tennessee tea party sources, Alexander’s right hand in east Tennessee is Susan Richardson Williams, who has been chair of the Tennessee Republican Party.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reported in 2009 that,

A statewide business organization started recently in Knoxville seeks to promote green energy policies nationally and help Tennessee businesses capitalize on an emerging green economy.

Tennessee Business Leaders for a Clean Energy Economy was formed in October by two founders at opposite ends of the political spectrum – Susan Richardson Williams, who has been chair of the Tennessee Republican Party, and Cortney Piper, who was a Democratic candidate for Knox County Commission in 2008.

Based in Knoxville, the organization represents about 50 companies across the state, about one-fourth of those in East Tennessee, Piper said. She and Williams, who are also partners in the SRW & Associates public relations firm, started the organization in October through a grant from the Energy Foundation through the Pew Charitable Trust. Some East Tennessee companies the organization represents include Sustainable Future, Total Energy Solutions, LED North American, Green Earth Services and Elizabeth Eason Architecture.

The Pew Charitable Trust is a long-time major funder of the radical greens.

So it looks like the real Senator from Tennessee (at least when it comes to energy and the environment) is an unelected green/clean energy-loving, PR/lobbyist-type.

If you live in Tennessee, you know what to do.

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Read the Knoxville Sentinel News‘ “Joining Forces to Go Green.”

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