Exposed: EPA makes secret plans for electricity armageddon

Even the EPA is worried about electricity reliability problems caused by its rules.

The Clean Energy Report reports,

Conservative groups are criticizing EPA for considering grid operators’ push for a “safety valve” compliance option to prevent adverse electric grid impacts from its utility air toxics rule, saying the plan has major flaws and EPA’s consideration of it shows the rule could have reliability impacts and should be scrapped and re-proposed.

In a Nov. 2 renewed petition to EPA, the conservative groups ask the agency to rescind its proposed maximum achievable control technology (MACT) rule based on “newly available evidence showing that EPA has tacitly acknowledged that utility MACT threatens to significantly impair electric reliability and is contemplating a flawed reliability ‘safety valve’ mechanism, while denying the public its legal right to participate in this process.”

Click for the petition.

2 thoughts on “Exposed: EPA makes secret plans for electricity armageddon”

  1. The US electrical system is already on a failure collision course because of deferred, forgotten, or ignored infrastructure maintenance on the systems. Add to this any EPA fiasco, and I suggest we go back to kerosene lanterns, portable generators, wood stoves, and real iceboxes or propane powered refrigerators. Some of us are mostly there already by necessity!

  2. Hmmmm… let me think… Do you suppose this might call for an entire new division of the EPA and the DOE to relieve the effects? I’m sure they’d be reluctant to do something like that, but I guess SOMEBODY has to do it, so why not them… at least according to them anyway.

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