Suzuki: Where will Santa live?

“The David Suzuki Foundation is working to turn back climate change and decrease carbon emissions in Canada.” Suzuki has failed, though.

Here is radical green David Suzuki’s holiday fundraising pitch:

The North Pole, once a wintery wonderland, is no longer safe for Santa’s Workshop.

Climate change is melting the snow and ice, and the rising water is getting too close for comfort. Santa must relocate — fast — to make sure that all the nice boys and girls still have a Happy Holiday.

You can help by buying Santa the supplies he needs to land safely in a new home.

Better yet, buy them as green gifts for friends and family to show you’re thinking about them — and the planet — this holiday season.

Suzuki, of course is failing in his mission to reduce Canadian carbon emissions.

Canadian emissions are now 17–30% above 1990 levels (depending on whether land-use emissions are counted), despite a binding commitment to reduce them to 6% below.

Check out the “Where will Santa live?” campaign.

3 thoughts on “Suzuki: Where will Santa live?”

  1. This is just how stupid David Suzuki thinks the general population is, and sadly he is for the most part right.
    Too many people are gullable sheep and fall for anything. Gore and Susuki have been selliing this Koolaid for far too long and need to be exposed for the phony’s they are. I figured this whole scam out years ago when it first hit the news. I simply looked at who was pushing it and where the money was. Follow the money, it’s always the money.

  2. You know David,you are a very articulate ,likable,well spoken and very influential personality,some would say saint.Apparently you may be one of your own ,best admirers.I do not doubt that a great deal of what you say is the absolute truth,trouble is you carefully select the ,Truth ,leaving out whatever counters your personal idea of the ,Truth.But with your recent Santa rant i do believe you have now sunk to the ranks of SENILE. SHAME on you,SHAME on you! May be time for a nursing home DAVID.

  3. Send your friends symbolic gifts.

    Show Suzuki that you’re thinking of him by sending him symbolic “$”. Email address is on the web site. They will surely appreciate the symbolic gesture.

    Suzuki is taking part in a cover-up. The real reason why Santa has to move his workshop is due to the increasing number of polar bears; or rather; the “mysteriously” diminishing population of elves. Polar bears don’t just live on Rum and Coke.

    Just another unintended consequence of poorly thought-through environmental policies.

    Suzuki also needs a lesson in geography. Shenzen Province isn’t part of Canada.

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