Six criminal prosecutions from clean energy stimulus

Who knew the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 would stimulate jobs for prosecutors?

The Department of Energy Inspector General testified in Congress today:

Since the enactment of the Recovery Act, the OIG has:

  • Issued 70 audit, inspection, and investigative reports covering all major program activities (attached to this testimony is a complete listing of the OIG’s Recovery Act

  • Initiated [six] Recovery Act-related criminal investigations; and
  • Conducted nearly 300 fraud awareness briefings for over 15,700 Federal, contractor, state, and other officials.

Read the DOE OIG testimony.

2 thoughts on “Six criminal prosecutions from clean energy stimulus”

  1. When you elect a lawyer as president, you should expect the legal profession to do well. I suspect the only growth in employment we have had the past three years is in the number of lawyers. Obamacare had to be a Masterpiece of complicated legal jargon.

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