Sierra Club ads prove mercury a neurotoxin

Call in Mad Enviro disease.

The Sierra Club is using the $50 million it received from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run the ads on the Washington D.C. Metro system beginning today.

Click to see the ads.

The Sierra Club claims that fetuses are “full of mercury,” “reservoirs” of mercury and that all mercury emissions from power plants wind up in newborns are twisted.

There is no evidence — none — that typical ambient mercury exposures has ever harmed anybody or anything.

Moreover, U.S. power plants are responsible for only about 0.50% of global mercury emissions while Mother Nature is responsible for about 70%.

If mercury has harmed anything, it’s enviro credibility.

4 thoughts on “Sierra Club ads prove mercury a neurotoxin”

  1. How can anybody complain about mercury from U. S. powerplants when we are mandating mercury being placed in houses by way of CFLs. JunkScience reported a week ago that if 20 percent of the mercury from a broken CFL is dispersed through a 500 cubic meter house, the mercury level would exceed that of an atmosphere for children to reside. 500 cubic meters is the volume of a 2000 square foot house which is larger than the average house in this country.

    If there is a danger from mercury, and I don’t think there is because I have 7 mercury fillings in my mouth, the problem is due to government mandates promoted by the current EPA.

    James Rust

  2. Critical thinking is not promoted. Science is a memorization class, not a reasoning class until high school at the very least, and anything that is in support of pollution is funded by the ugly bad guys on Captain Planet who like polluting for the heck of it.

  3. Michael Bloomberg did very well in business and had a deep understanding of computers. Both factors suggest a rational person. He seems to be a good hearted person too. Then why is he a Cotton Mather with respect to medical matters?

    When large chunks of satellites plunge to Earth, there is always a crowd worried about being hit by one of them. Pointing out that 75% of the Earth’s surface is uninhabited ocean and land includes mountains and deserts, doesn’t relieve the ridiculous anxieties.Mercury from power plants would be deposited in oceans and on deserts and mountains. Any amount reaching a baby would be swamped by background. That is easy to understand. What is going on in our schools?

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