Penn State reluctant to investigate cash cows

Making money for Penn State means never having to say you’re sorry.

News broke over the weekend that the Penn State University administration covered-up alleged child sexual abuse by defensive coach Jerry Sandusky — some say in an effort to shield hallowed football coach Joe Paterno. The actual reason, however, is more likely to protect the university’s cash cow football program as a whole.

Similarly when it came to Climategate, Penn State conducted a slipshod, whitewash of an investigation of Michael Mann to protect that 7-figure income stream as well.

Read Steve Milloy’s July 14, 2010 commentary in The Daily Caller, “Penn State’s Integrity Crisis.”

3 thoughts on “Penn State reluctant to investigate cash cows”

  1. The Sandusky affair involves sex between an old guy and a young boy in the Penn State locker room and other locations. Penn State investigated and decided that it was only horseplay.
    It seems that Sandusky will soon be in the State Penn instead of Penn State. Bubba will be his new sex toy. Only Bubba won’t be a young boy.
    Please don’t sue me. I’m only kidding !

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