Greens glad Steve Jobs is dead?

It sure sounds that way. news editor Christopher Mims begins his commentary “Is post-Jobs Apple going to stop poisoning China?” with:

While Steve Jobs was head of Apple, the company was one of “America’s least philanthropic companies,” lacking even a basic corporate charitable arm. Apple also often seemed reluctant to green its operations. But under new CEO Tim Cook, that might be about to change.

But the greens probably annoyed the no-nonsense Jobs.

As Steve Milloy pointed out in a January 2007 column entitled “Eco-Intimidation Bypasses Scientific Debate“, the Jobs tried working with greens but only got more harassment in return:

In 2006, As You Sow pressured Apple Computer via shareholder resolution about its supposedly “insensitive” recycling program. Though Apple CEO Steve Jobs disputed the allegations and the resolution was soundly defeated by Apple shareholders, the company nevertheless began kow-towing to environmental activists on the recycling issue. But Apple’s appeasement hasn’t bought it anything; As You Sow re-filed the same resolution for 2007.

Even with Al Gore on Apple’s board, the greens apparently made little progress with Jobs, though the company did drop out of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supposedly because of the Chamber’s opposition to EPA regulation of greenhouse gases.

Now that the non-green Jobs is out of the way, the greens hope to have more success preying on Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook.

One thought on “Greens glad Steve Jobs is dead?”

  1. This is too confusing. I’m not making light of the dead man’s surname, but, umm, green Jobs, green jobs, green jobs czar (oops, that czar was moved to Van Jonestown), green apples, apple jobs, it’s just running together in my mind. Also, you’d think they’d let the man rest in peace. He tried to make a treaty with some of ’em, but give ’em the proverbial inch…

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