Jackson says effort to get Michael Mann’s e-mails ‘criminal’

She may not have called Conrgessional GOP “jack-booted thugs”, but Lisa Jackson did call the America Tradition Institute’s effort to get Climategater Michael Mann’s e-mails through the Freedom of Information Act “criminal.”

At about 32:20 into the video of her speech at Berkeley, during the Q&A period, Jackson says,

One of the things that drives me nuts are… you know… we have scientists being sued, we have climate scientists who are being persecuted, prosecuted, through persecuted by prosecution, by doing, for doing their job. I think that’s, I think that’s criminal.

Jackson is of course referring to the ongoing effort by the American Tradition Institute to gain access through FOIA to Michael Mann’s e-mails from the University of Virginia (UVa).

Rather tha simply hand over public records under the law, however, UVa has copted to fight the FOIA request in the courts and now Mann, himself, has intervened (just this week).

But as is obvious, this is hardly a prosecution or persecution. It is simply an effort to use FOIA to obtain public records. Since when is FOIA a criminal act?

Was it a criminal act when Greenpeace used FOIA to get information on skeptics?

Who is actually doing any persecuting/prosecuting concerning Climategate? Ironically that person is Michael Mann.

Mann alleges in a Canadian lawsuit that skeptic Tim Ball defamed him by saying that Mann,

should be in the State Pen, not Penn State.

Mann also threatened to sue Minnesotans for Global Warming for their hilarious 2009 “Hide the Decline” YouTube video.

The later event prompted JunkScience to author “Michael Mann: Defamed or defined by “Hide the decline”?”

Mann’s lawsuit against Ball is ongoing. Click to contribute to his legal defense fund.

Bottomline: Lisa Jackson’s emissions are false, irresponsible and unbecoming a senior government official. She should resign, or be invited to do so.

10 thoughts on “Jackson says effort to get Michael Mann’s e-mails ‘criminal’”

  1. That would be Lisa Jackson, aka Richard Windsor, who used a private email account to do goverment business as director of the EPA. She is a despicable hypocrite who, herself, should go to jail.

  2. Our own government has become an enemy of the people by trashing our private economy and our jobs while protecting the government jobs and the public employee unions. What dirt-bags.

  3. Nothing really new here, anyone who is skeptical about the science are committing an offence for asking for data and should be put in jail. If the funding for the science is other than government or public funded then that science should come with a disclaimer. I thought peer reviewed science was above reproach ????

    This is insane !!

  4. You want to tax me even further, even to the gates of the Dark Ages, all to promote your non-substantiated ” science. . I think that, I think that you can stick it. At my job my emails are not private. They are the property of my [privately owned] employer. Mr. Mann was employed by a PUBLIC. State Owned, entity–in other words by the people. Therefore the People have the right to not only view but to know what he was doing while employed. If he wants privacy in his work he can set up his own lab in his basement with his own money. He is expending a great deal of effort in order for his emails to come into the light. Why is that?

  5. We must remember the Golden Rule: “Those who have the gold make the rules.” The Federal Government (Lisa Jackson and her Green Helmets) and the University of Virginia will tolerate as ‘Free Speech’ any opinion that agrees with them. All others are the work of criminal subversives. Science protocols (like independent validation) and political rhetoric about ‘openness and transparency’ be damned if they get in they way of the Authoritarian Agenda.

  6. Lisa Jackson should be in prison for life based the damage her agency has caused the country.

    The “green” movement and “green” jobs is the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time.

    The UN IPCC is driving our EPA regulations (it is run by a corrupt fraud railroad engineer).
    Gore was up to his neck in the “carbon trading” scheme (which has collapsed).
    The planet has not warmed for a decade (it’s actually going into a cooling period).
    The “green” movement has made Europe and the U.S. energy weak (killing jobs and traditional energy sources – it derailed Spain’s entire economy).
    The EPA is a runaway regulation entity which is a self-justifying agency (EPA cost us $10 billion p/y and cost American’s and businesses in the U.S. $1.4 trillion p/y – not including the jobs it kills).
    The Obama admiration and EPA continue to cover up the truth (http://www.climategate.com/).
    The origin (“hockey stick”) research is under investigation for fraud to receive grants (Prof. M. Mann).
    The Polar Bear researcher was sanctioned for his fraudulent extinction study (Bears are fine!).
    “Green” activism (including grants) worldwide is a $411 billion misinformation business.

    ..and we (the people) are left paying for this mess with misplaced funding to the Solyndra’s, ethanol/wind/solar subsidies, high gas prices, vehicles the market does not want, loss of jobs in oil, gas, energy supply (pipeline, refineries, coal plants, offshore). The worst part is that the Fed. Gov. is front and center in this deception…

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