Jackson misleads on Muller, Climategate

Lisa Jackson may not have said that Congressional GOP were jack-booted thugs, but she still spewed newsworthy falsehoods to Berkeley students.

According to the video of her talk, Jackson said,

Some of you may have seen a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed written by a long-time climate denier who performed a comprehensive study on the data that he had been casting down on for a long time, and his conclusion was that “global warming is real.

Contrary to the Climategate scandal which was a couple of e-mails from a handful of researchers, not well-written but out there nonetheless, the Climategate was covered on every single major news outlet and network, the Wall Street Journal op-ed, the conversion of a key climate science denier, the affirmation of that which the vast majority of scientists has said is true for a long time got more attention from a segment on The Daily Show…

But Muller was never a skeptic, much less a long-time denier” and he has since retracted any impression he may have given that skepticism was not well-based.

Also, Climategate was much more than “a couple e-mails not well-written” as it helped devastate cap-and-trade.

Watch the video of Jackson’s talk.

One thought on “Jackson misleads on Muller, Climategate”

  1. Berkeley students are already so deep in the National Socialist Party that Lisa Jackson is probably believable to them..

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