Greens to seniors: Die faster

If you are aged 66-83, you are part of a “clueless cohort” against which “generational warfare” may be waged because you aren’t dying fast enough.

In “Gen Y and Gen X get it right on the environment; old folks don’t“,’s Lisa Hymas writes,

Generation Y is more likely than older generations to support clean energy and environmental protection and to believe climate change is happening and is caused by human activity, according to new Pew polling and analysis. Generation X is close behind. Boomers aren’t so bad either. It’s the old folks, the so-called Silent Generation aged 66-83, that are the big problem.

There’s long been talk about how gay rights will continue to advance as homophobic old codgers die off. Looks like the push for a cleaner, greener society will get a boost from that same cohort replacement effect

When it comes to environmental laws and regulations, the oldsters are even more out of touch

The younger you are, the more you’re going to get screwed by climate change. Many retirees might be loath to shake up the system in their twilight years, but younger people know the system’s already broken and needs an overhaul. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to wait for the clueless cohort to exit stage left; we need to act yesterday. For starters, younger voters need to come out to the polls in at least the same numbers as the fogies.

Class warfare has made a comeback. Is it time for some generational warfare too? [Emphasis added]

So as it turns out the recent anti-Obamacare video ad that shows grandma being pushed off the cliff, may actually be more appropriate with respect to the greens.

And the irony is that German researchers just calculated that age 65 is when personal carbon emissions begin to decline.

But if you’re not with the greens politically, you might as well be dead.

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  1. It’s the old folks who used to walk to school – not be taken there by parents gas guzzlers. It was old folks used milk bottles that got washed and reused – the new generation uses plastic, a recylcers nightmare. It was the old folk washed their clothes and hung them in the line. The new generation use auto machines and tumble driers. The young folk buy water in plastic bottles, the old folk use a tap and a glass. The young folk need to take an honest look at themelves. So while we may not jump on the global warming bandwagon – we’ve heard scary stories before – I think we’re greener than you young people by a long way.

  2. These people are sickos and have the same beliefs as Nazis: eugenics, death camps, ideological control through population control.

    This is a Western psychological and ethical sickness. The successful populations of Asia and South America wouldn’t dream of entertaining this kind of demented attack on the older and elderly of their societies.

    Oh, they also believe “climate change” as advocated by these Western lunatics is a complete crock, and they are laughing at our self-destruction.

  3. First, this is not a new comment…I believe I first heard or read these words some two years ago. Second, the contents of the post are the idiotic ravings of a raving-mad idiot.
    The Left-Environmental Scam has been outed…Climate Change (global warming) is a proven fraud and contrivance for wealth & political-cultural-social power transfer from their lawful owners to Leftist gangs of thieves.
    The Left’s agendas are all in serious trouble so the Mad-Hatter leaders and their empty-headed followers are doubling-down on the gambit…no holds-barred in their bare knuckles gang attack on America and the Rights of Man.
    The only thing we can do is defeat them time after time after time on every topic and issue on every matter in which they have an interest…
    Loons & not well people…the Left is pathetic.

  4. I left a comment on the site where this information came from:
    It was erased. I posted again, it was erased again. I p[osted third time. It was erased again the third time.
    Then I posted a different text twice. It was erased twice.
    Now you can read those two texts:

    1. My dream is to hear what that Lisa Hymas will say when she will be over 68.
    Hopefully, my grandchildren will have such an opportunity; I definitely won’t.

    As for Gen Y and Gen X, I, as a person who spent 50 years of my life under Commies, am 100% sure that those two generations have suffered a very successful lobotomy performed by American Commies and other Libs just like this Lisa Hymas (btw., is “Hymas” an abbreviation of “Haloymes”?)
    2. It’s such a pleasure to see Liberal “tolerance” in action: I posted the same text 3 times, and all three times it was erased by this administrator. Just like under Commies in my former country.
    Oh, I’m sorry: in my former country, they punished people who disagree with them by imprisonment. Not yet here. It will happen later, when they grab the power.

  5. From the dawn of humanity, green burial was the only option for everybody except the Egyptians. It’s only recently that we started pickling and boxing the dearly departed before burying them, and that only slows the process of decay while using untold tons of wood and metal that might be put to better use.

    All that stuff is for the living; the dead don’t care.

  6. The Greens are of course free to say whatever they like but so is this “old geezer.” I invite all of you young, intellectually superior, sensitive to the complex nuances surrounding your religious fervor, “holier than thou” Greens to take a long hard look in the mirror as you perform your ablutions tomorrow morning with the safe to drink water that flows from the tap with the twist of a knob. What you see is the height of infantile stupidity and gullibility, your reflection staring back at your supercilious selves. You’ve all sucked up the rhetoric that poses as “scientific fact,” joined the emotionally insecure bandwagon, convinced that big bad industrial America is going to kill every damn one of you shortly after I leave this earth. Take it from me; you don’t have a damn thing to worry about except to wonder how you got so stupid.

  7. For Henry Boyter, I have to advise that the green future is already here. In Gainesville FL we are now composting granny. They call it “Green Burial” or something like that, and it is promoted by the Alachua Conservation Trust, who have an environmentally correct graveyard up and running (or down and decaying, whatever). Yuck!!

  8. If you pass thru the education system and swallow all the up to date nonsense about the environment and social justice, you are equally susceptible to the notion that you have developed critical thinking habits because so much emphasis has been placed on this crucial aspect of higher education. Critical thinking, however, involves seriously questioning the prevailing and evolving nonsense of modern society — in other words, not being a gullible twirp.

  9. Propaganda is a proven method of brain washing and the very first casualty is good ole ‘common sense’ – This was not a quality available just to the educated but was present at every stage of intellectual development. In NZ the masses are now referred to as Sheeple.
    General knowledge that could assist in understanding deeper subjects has also been tossed out by our predominantly left wing/feminist school teachers. This person Hymas is drawing her conclusions based upon those who, and those who don’t, agree with her method of hugging a tree!

  10. Propaganda. Ain’t it wonderful? I have a question though. what makes the enviros think I would want to live long in the sort of world they want to create? Gack! Same goes for the health and sfety nuts. I am in the boomer generation and I thank God I am not young. They say misery loves company well there will be lots of company if the enviros get their way.

  11. Does anyone have any idea how many in DC will be sent home by seniors in the next election cycle?

    Not to mention those who will never again work inside the beltway after Jack Abramoff’s book “Capitol Punishment”!

    Never vote for an incumbent nor a lawyer!

  12. Well, this debate will go on until the proponents of anthropomorpic climate change begin to examine carefully the IPCC and other vested interest ideas as to how human may actually intercede to change the apparent direction of climate change. certain not with the same mentality as Wall street brokers and the phony derivatives – not certainly with instituions like the carbon Credit Market. Read Stephen Baxter’s book “Flood” and the follow up , “Able One”. It will give perspective at just how weak humans are when confronting or affecting a system as massive as our planet or for that matter the entire solar system and beyond. As to young folk, they will learn if they live long enough in this new world.


  13. Please excuse my language, but lisa hymas is an ignorant B*tch, and may a great many people get the chance to tell it to her face.

  14. Gen and Gen Y get it “right” on the environment because they were the first generations subjected to ceaseless, mindless, “green” propaganda in our government school system.
    Just because every member of a cult can regurgitate the same propaganda they were previously fed doesn’t make it “right.”

  15. It is not an age gap it is a gullibility gap cause by dumbing down our public school system.
    Our younger generations are incapable of intelligent thought and never question preposterous lies from self appointed “Ecologists”.

  16. At 68, I am old enough to remember the ‘old days’I
    Walking to school when summer temps reached 100. When there were violent thunderstorms and hail the size of golf balls. When freezing winters that found their way through the thickest clothes.
    And now, the younger generations say we suffering from ‘climate change’.

  17. Solyent Green is not far away. When are the Greens going to start campaigns for families to start composting their dead relatives instead of burying or cremating them? They should be volunteering for this idea.

  18. I left this little comment on the original post’s site:

    “Intelligence is the ability to comprehend what is being presented; wisdom is the ability to comprehend that what is being presented has little value. Wisdom is well-aged intelligence.”

    Naturally, wisdom does not come to all….

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