1.29 x An Imperceptibly Small Number = ?

NOAA’s Annual Greenhouse Gas Index!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration today released its Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI) for 2010.

The AGGI for 2010 was 1.29, meaning that, according to NOAA, the combined heating effect of additional greenhouse gases was 29 percent higher during 2010 than in 1990.

But the combined heating effect of those additional greenhouse gases was somewhere between non-existent to imperceptibly small. So 1.29 times that is, well, another small number.

The AGGI is a pseudoscientific metric that can’t possibly measure what it purports to measure since no one (including NOAA) understands the effect of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, much less that they are harmful.

Read NOAA’s press release.

Read NOAA’s new AGGI report.

2 thoughts on “1.29 x An Imperceptibly Small Number = ?”

  1. Here’s what I say. Build all the carbon storage facilities in the earth you can. After we go into a long solar minimum, the carbon capture facilities can be used as local heating devices on those cold days. Just vent the carbon into the atmosphere and heat up the surrounding areas (sic).

  2. Yeah, don’t sweat the small stuff….ESPECIALLY if you are clueless as to what it all means…. Their number is like an “angels on the head of a pin factor”. This year we can get 29% more angels on a pin head.

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