Enviros sue EPA to ‘force’ tighter soot standards

EPA pays the American Lung Association. The American Lung Association sues EPA to expand agency power. See how corruption works?

Greenwire reports,

Tired of waiting for U.S. EPA to replace airborne soot limits that were rejected in federal court during the George W. Bush administration, the American Lung Association, environmental groups and 10 states are asking the court to set a new deadline.

They want the Obama administration to finish reviewing the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for particulate matter, which decide how much dust and soot makes the air unhealthy to breathe. EPA staffers and outside scientific advisers have called for stricter limits on so-called fine particles, which are about one-thirtieth the width of a human hair, but the agency missed a Clean Air Act deadline to propose changes to the standards this February and finalize them in October.

Health and environmental groups sent a petition to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia yesterday saying that EPA should be required to propose new standards no later than Feb. 15 and finalize them no later than Sept. 15, 2012…

Fine particles are released into the air by coal-fired power plants, diesel engines, wood-burning stoves and industries that burn organic material, such as agriculture. A change to the national air quality standards leads to new pollution-control requirements for these types of sources in parts of the country with more pollution than the rules allow.

The standards set by EPA in 2006 were overturned in early 2009 by the D.C. Circuit, which said the agency ignored the latest scientific evidence and chose standards that weren’t protective enough of public health…

Another petition has been filed by states — New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont — that want EPA to finish reviewing the standards.

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