Gingrich: Fire EPA’s 18,000 employees

Now that’s a jobs program we can get behind.

Politico reports:

Newt Gingrich on Wednesday wouldn’t address the practicality of disbanding the EPA in favor of an Environmental Solutions Agency — despite saying he wants to fire EPA’s 18,000 employees and start from scratch.

“I want to re-staff it. I don’t think you can train the current bureaucrats. I think their bias against capitalism, their bias against local government, their bias against economic rationality is just amazing,” Gingrich said at POLITICO’s Energy and the Presidency forum in Des Moines, Iowa. “And so you’d want to start with a new team, and the first thing you’d want to start with is common sense.”

Gingrich confirmed that he would fire career employees at EPA and would figure out a way to get around union rules to do so.

“You can pass a law,” he said. “Under our Constitution if the Congress and the president agree you have an amazing capacity to reshape things.”

One thought on “Gingrich: Fire EPA’s 18,000 employees”

  1. Or the president can sign an Executive Order which then becomes law of the land. A process that has become all too common and Congress does nothing to stop it.

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