d-Con to ‘vigorously oppose’ EPA on rat poison bans

Good news for rats and mice from EPA.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

-The Environmental Protection Agency said this week it has decided to ban 20 rodent-poison products because the “loose bait” they use to attract rats and other pests “cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.”

Rat poison maker released a statement saying,

According to d-CON, EPA’s proposed action could have a profound impact on consumers by forcing them to choose from among inferior or potentially more expensive pest management approaches, specifically:

  • Using obsolete products that many mice and rats have become resistant to over time leading to potential increases in rodent populations,
  • Relying on products from an alternate class of rodenticides, which, unlike the d-CON products targeted by EPA, have no antidote,
  • Or, ironically, hiring a pest control professional to have their rodent problems treated using the same ingredients EPA wants to take away from consumers. Because some families do not have the discretionary income to pay for professional applicators, they may rely on less-effective treatments should EPA’s recommendations take effect.

d-CON(R) officials argue that these alternative approaches to rodent control are either less effective or can be more dangerous than the rodenticides targeted by EPA. In making its announcement, d-CON company officials pledged to challenge EPA’s recommendations by using science to demonstrate that EPA’s assumptions about consumer use of rodent control products are wrong, and to show how important d-CON products are to effective rodent control and protecting public health in general.

Go d-Con!

Read the Wall Street Journal report.

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