Singer: Why I Remain a Global-Warming Skeptic

Fred Singer on Richard Muller in the Wall Street Journal-Europe.

Singer writes:

But the main reason that I am skeptical about the IPCC, and now the Berkeley, findings, is that they disagree with most every other data source I can find. I confine this critique to the period between 1978 and 1997, thereby avoiding the Super El Niño of 1998 that had nothing to do with greenhouse gases or other human influences.

Read the rest of Singer’s op-ed.

If you have a moment, click to read about what an accomplished scientist Fred Singer is.

2 thoughts on “Singer: Why I Remain a Global-Warming Skeptic”

  1. Why do we always have to take the defensive position? We are correct, they are wrong, and need to change their minds.

  2. Will we ever get beyond the term “skeptic”? Or, will we be more like Dr. Lindzen who explained that to be a skeptic implies doubt. There no longer is any doubt that CAGW is true by any sound scientist.

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