Christie leans against defending EPA Cross-State rule

Maybe there is some hope for the New Jersey guv. reports,

Gov. Chris Christie signaled today he would probably break with other northeastern states and not defend the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to stem the toxic pollution that blows from power plants in other states into New Jersey [i.e., the Cross State Air Pollution Rule or CSAPR].

“I don’t like giving EPA any more power than it has already, in general, especially given this administration’s use of power at the EPA, which has been over-reaching and stifling to job growth and business development in this country,” Christie said at a news conference…

This point of view certainly distinguishes Christie in some ways from Al Gore.

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One thought on “Christie leans against defending EPA Cross-State rule”

  1. In Jersey, it at least makes sense to look at Cross-State emissions. I’m not going to condemn the CSPR completely because the basic intention is reasonable. However, the EPA’s modeling is so sensitive that I’m surprised you can’t see a marijuana plume coming off San Fransisco

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