11/11/11: Anthropologist debunks doomsday claims

Kansas University Maya scholar John Hoopes uses 11/11/11 predictions to teach critical thinking.

From the Kansas University media release:

The next big date to consider is 11/11/11, when many in the New Age movement plan celebrations to receive emerging energies in preparation for a transformation of consciousness on Dec. 21, 2012.

Whether these dates mark a time for transformation of consciousness or a catastrophic end, they are part of a 2012 eschatological myth that originated with Christopher Columbus and Franciscan missionaries, not the ancient Maya calendar, Hoopes emphasizes.

The release goes on to say,

Wishful or magical thinking help perpetuate myths and beliefs that have no basis in science. Hoopes uses the 2012 myth and others to teach students to think critically and learn to distinguish science and myth.

If Hoopes means what he says, we could use him at JunkScience.com.

Read the KU media release.

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