CDC’s misdirected and futile effort to reduce antibiotic misuse

The solution is innovation; not bureacracy.

The Washington Post reports,

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is testing two programs aimed at curbing misuse of antibiotics in U.S. hospitals, part of a continuing effort to fight the growth of drug-resistant bacteria.

One initiative electronically tracks antibiotic use at 70 hospitals. The other pilot is working on practical strategies to ensure antibiotics are given in a timely and appropriate manner at eight hospitals…

Antibiotic resistance is inevitable. Misuse undoubtedly speeds it along to some unknown and probably small degree.

If the government wants to be useful, it should encourage development of new antibiotics and speed their approval.

Bacteria may be ever-evolving, but we’re smarter. We should show it — even though antibiotics were discovered by chance.

Read the Washington Post article.

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