A green in a glass house

Steven F. Scharff complains to the Las Vegas Review-Journal today that skeptic Tom Harris “disguised” a press release as a letter to the editor.

Scharff wrote:

To the editor:

Are the climate change deniers so desperate that they’re disguising their press releases as letters to the editor?

Tom Harris’ Wednesday letter of gives a thumbs-up to the reviews of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, of whom one member is physicist S. Fred Singer, best known for his denial of the dangers of secondhand tobacco smoke. According to SourceWatch.org, their 2008 Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change was the work of 23 authors, some of them not scientists.

The NIPCC should not be confused with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has more than 2,300 members, most of whom are scientists.

SourceWatch.org also lists that Tom Harris’ group, the International Climate Science Coalition, has received funding from the Heartland Institute, which itself has received funding from ExxonMobil and the Koch brothers, who are heavily invested in the petrochemical industry and strong financial supporters of right-wing political causes.

It was just last month when this very newspaper, on the front page, published an article about the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, rebutting many of the claims of climate change deniers.

I’ve said it before: It never fails to amaze me how the Review-Journal can report on the reality of anthropogenic climate change, and deny it on the editorial page.

Steven F. Scharff

But is Scharff just projecting?

A couple of Google searches reveal that “lonely” Scharff is listed as a “global warming activist” on MeetUp.com.

Scharff’s Facebook page list the Green Party of Nevada as one of his activities/interests.

Yet his letter-to-the-editor is signed simply, “Steven. F. Scharff, Henderson, Nevada.”

That shattering sound you hear, Mr. Scharff, is your ad hominem attack coming back home.

2 thoughts on “A green in a glass house”

  1. This is funny – Scharff cites the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, but neglects to say that it was funded in part by Koch brothers who he just slashed in the previous para. So, its OK to fund one side but not the other?

    Why don’t people just drop the logical fallcies and simply focus on what is correct or not in the science. Sigh.


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