Global warming boosts human evolution?

This should make the Darwinistas happy?

The Daily Mail reports,

Climate change over the past two million years has boosted human evolution by forcing us to adapt to changing conditions and allowing us to migrate to new areas.

Researchers found that far from hindering our development, periods when the earth is either cooling or warming up have actually been highly beneficial.

But don’t get too excited. As you might expect:

The scientists are keen to point out they are not suggesting that modern global warming is beneficial.

The scientists note,

… [a] major development came during the ice age which began 450,000 years ago during which scientists believe human beings were split into three separate groups…

And modern climate change has similarly split human beings into three groups: alarmists, skeptics and the general public.

Read the Daily Mail article.

One thought on “Global warming boosts human evolution?”

  1. I recall reading that humanoids gained in intelligence during ice ages. During the little ice age there were major technological advances in agriculture. And Eskimos have a disproportionately high percent of children with very high IQs.

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