Time for Brian Bilbray to catch a wave — out of Congress

Congressman Brian Bilbray (Surfer-San Diego) thinks more of Steve Chu than he does of his fellow House Republicans, taxpayers and consumers. Now, he’s got a tea party challenger.

Environment and Energy Daily reports that last week Bilbray praised Obama’s green energy loan officer and climate alarmist, Energy Secretary Steven Chu:

“I just want it on the record that I think that finally we have a secretary of Energy who is a scientist — a physicist, not a political operative,” Bilbray said.

“Just so everybody understands where this member comes from … I think this secretary has the possibility of finally fulfilling the goals of the Energy Department by creating energy opportunity rather than continuing to allow it to dwindle.”

Five weeks ago, Bilbray attacked his Republican colleagues during a Congressional hearing by calling them “deniers” on the health effects of air quality.

In July, Bilbray helped defeat the repeal of the lightbulb ban.

But help may be on the way as Bilbray is being primaried. According to E&E Daily:

… little-known tea party challenger John Stahl (R) suddenly made a splash last week by loaning his campaign $100,000 and promising that there is plenty more money for the contest where that came from.

Though Stahl doesn’t yet detail his positions on environment and energy issues on his web site, it’s doubtful that a tea partier would be worse than Bilbray.

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