NYTimes: Local measures won't solve climate problem

So it praises California’s just-unveiled cap-and-trade system anyway.

In lauding California for adopting the “country’s first comprehensive, statewide cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change”, the New York Times acknowledges in an editorial that:

By themselves, local measures are never going to solve the climate change problem.

Yes, even Mitt Romney knows it’s not called “California warming.

But the Grey Lady continues:

[Solving the climate change problem] requires a global response, and the battle will never be fully joined without the United States.

To such a global response, we say, that will never happen.

The Times also asserts:

[California’s recent unveiling of its statewide cap-and-trade system] was a rare bright spot at time when Republicans in Washington, and their corporate backers, have turned the words “cap and trade” into an epithet.

We’re happy to have helped epithet-ized “cap-and-trade” and would also note that, speaking of corporate backers, last we checked the New York Times traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “NYT” and the U.S. Climate Action Partnership was not exactly a coalition of neighborhood lemonade stands.

Read the Times’ editorial.

One thought on “NYTimes: Local measures won't solve climate problem”

  1. California has long been a rival to New York’s “We are the center of the universe” attitude. This article may be a covert effort of NY to sabotage California’s ascendancy, which the Grey Lady has resented ever since the Dodgers left Brooklyn.

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