Exposed: 'Housing Hoarding' Hypocrite

Green Hell” for empty-nesters? Older couples who don’t downsize are “housing hoarders”, says a Labour Party-backed think-tanker. But where do his parents live?

Last week, a report entitled “Hoarding of Housing” garnered headlines in UK papers by spotlighting old couples who were “taking up” too many bedrooms by living in their family homes long after their kids had moved out.

The report said that empty-nesters should be “encouraged” (nudged?) into downsizing to make room for all the struggling young families that face a housing shortage. The backlash was huge.

Now it’s been revealed that the lead author on the study — who lives in quite the nice home himself — has parents who are “taking up” a 5-bedroom family home all by themselves. his defense is that, “they have frequent visitors!!”

Read the full story in The Daily Mail.

7 thoughts on “Exposed: 'Housing Hoarding' Hypocrite”

  1. One has to look no further than the mighty Gore with his huge power sucking mansion to realize that it’s always ‘do as I say’/’not what I do’ for all those totally illogical and oft, criminal, tree huggers!

  2. You are not permitted to use logic or reason when referencing the greenies. They are right and we are wrong! They believe and if you don’t believe in hope and change then right is on their side. All that disagree are racist, homophobes, bigots and just bad people. Please remember, these people think we live in a democracy. What do you think?

  3. The tyrant wanna-bes of the left are notorious for their double standards.
    Rules are for controlling other people, not for them.
    “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”— Robert A. Heinlein

  4. It is not a plausible story in the US. We have hot and cold running housing all over the country. Our problem is messed up financing. Having ever geezer sell the old barn would just make things worse.

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