Media Matters ranks Junkman, Stossel as #1 in 'Fox's Top 10 Lies About The EPA This Year'

George Soros-funded Media Matters credits’s Steve Milloy and Fox News’ John Stossel with telling the number one “lie” about EPA this year.

According to Media Matters, the number one lie in “Fox’s Top 10 Lies About The EPA This Year” is that “EPA’s job is done.” MM cites Milloy and Stossel as follows:

Fox’s John Stossel To the EPA: “Stop Already.” On Your World With Neil Cavuto, Fox’s John Stossel said, “Thank goodness for the EPA. The air and water are cleaner than they used to be … But they passed those rules. They made the air and water cleaner.” Stossel went on to say “It’s ridiculous, its diminishing returns. They’ve done a wonderful job. Stop already. Stick a fork in it, it’s done. You could close the EPA’s rulemaking apparatus — this stuff — for ten years, we wouldn’t notice.” [Fox News, Your World With Neil Cavuto, 9/2/11]

Fox Guest Steve Milloy: “We Do Not Need More Environmental Regulations.” Appearing on Fox Business to discuss EPA regulations, Steve Milloy said, “we have made tremendous environmental progress since 1970, but guess what? It’s no longer 1970, it’s 2011. Our environment is clean and safe. We do not need more environmental regulations.” Milloy called clean air protections “a luxury” that America can “no longer” afford. [Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 9/3/11]

We’re not sure what the “lie” was, but we appreciate top billing nonetheless.

8 thoughts on “Media Matters ranks Junkman, Stossel as #1 in 'Fox's Top 10 Lies About The EPA This Year'”

  1. John Stossel is one of the best / most truthful and accurate men you will find reporting on the news….George Soros should be deported for sedition.

  2. Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with Dr. Jay Lehr who is Science Director at the Heartland Institute. Jay was one of the top voices in Washington who helped create the EPA and formulate their foundation legislation. He did so because there were real needs…and those needs were met. Now he travels and speaks out about the EPA telling everyone that he is now doing penance. Jay wants to cut 80% of its budget and responsibilities and turn those responsibilities over to the states, which all have their own EPA’s. When those who helped create this agency state that the EPA is out of control I think that gives us all the historical perspective we need to come to the right conclusion.

  3. The EPA, like most Govt. agencies and labor unions, have outlived their usefulness and need to be ABOLISHED.

  4. Mission Creep at EPA. If you attain your goal, then you tighten your standard, then later you tighten your standard, etc.

    OPM. Other People’s Money. Spending is easy. Budgeting is hard. At some time and place the “standards” need to be set. “Clean” rooms do NOT exist in nature. Environments cleaner than background levels can not be maintained. “Nature” will see to it.

  5. I find it funny. The NAAQS were created based on medical literature and knowledge, not some arbitrary attainable limit. When we have acheived attainment with the NAAQS, then medical science indicates that YES, the EPA’s job is done. This isn’t to say that the EPA will cease to exist. There will obviously always be maintenance work, just like a gardener has to prune the bushes after the gardens are built. However, as the air quality has become better, the EPA has instead wanted to tighten the NAAQS to levels below what could possibly be supported by medical literature, and they actually put forth evidence for this that anyone with an understanding of statistics or a bit of sense can debunk or dismiss. Until they can accep the fact that an average 1% reduction in lung function is a null result, we are going to continue to have this fight ad infinitum.

  6. If Messrs. Stossel and Milloy are “lying” then why must the EPA fabulously embellish its cost-to-benefit ratios for new rules? As I have said many times, with EPA’s purported C2B ratios, why then is Obamacare needed? EPA regulations will not only save us from harm. By its own “savings” claims we will soon have free health care, zero government debt and PV panels for all.

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