Industry brief slams EPA endangerment finding science

Check out the latest brief filed in the endangerment finding litigation, Coalition for Responsible Regulation vs. EPA.

Here are the three science sections of interest:

  • Pages 19-25. EPA Fails to Support Its Extreme Claim of 90-99% Certainty of Significant Human-Induced Climate Change.
  • Pages 25-29. EPA Ignores Robust Empirical Evidence Contradicting Its Climate Theories and Models.
  • Pages 29-31. EPA’s Error in Refusing to Consult With the SAB Is Unlawful and Compounded by the Recent Revelations of EPA’s IG.

Click for the full brief.

3 thoughts on “Industry brief slams EPA endangerment finding science”

  1. Ben of Houston, You are categorically correct. I submit that most if not all global climate models are not admissible in evidence due to their inherently speculative nature and lack of validation.

  2. As we have said for years. Once the full force of science available comes out from a group that is not willing to pull punches, the Gobal warming assertion will not stand up in a court of law.

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