Huntsman Sr.: Son limited by Republicans’ right wing

Gee we thought it was his dopey notions and ideas, including calling fellow Republicans science deniers.

Scripps Howard reports:

Jon Huntsman Sr. said Friday he doesn’t recognize the right wing of the Republican Party anymore and believes his son, a candidate for the GOP nomination, is being hamstrung by the party’s continued drift to the far right.

“I think the standard Republican, independent and Democrat — they understand Jon Jr. very well. I think he could win any of their votes,” Huntsman Sr. said. “When you get over to the far right, it’s a different party and I don’t know that they’re the Republican Party or not.”

The elder Huntsman made the comments after a dedication ceremony for the $100 million expansion of the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute.

His son did little to distance himself from those comments, praising his father’s work in the Nixon Administration’s War on Cancer in 1971, “back when Republicans apparently believed in science.”

Spoken like someone siting at 1 percent in the polls, which indicate Republicans understand him quite well.

Flashback: protests Huntsman at RINO dinner.

Read the Scripps Howard report.

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  1. As a native Utah and one who believes in correct principles of good government, we were glad “Smilin’ Jon” moved on to work where he really belongs… with the likes of Obama. Huntsman is a rock-ribbed Rockefeller Republican.

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