Obama to make Hillary take Keystone hit

At least it looks like the right decision will be made on the tar sands pipeline.

Energy and Environment PM reports,

White House spokesman Jay Carney today emphasized the obstacles facing environmentalists who hope to force a presidential veto of the $7 billion Canada-to-U.S. oil pipeline known as Keystone XL, depicting the project’s fate as resting with the State Department.

Carney walled off President Obama from the mushrooming controversy over the 1,700-mile pipeline — which would nearly double U.S. imports of emissions-intensive Canadian oil-sands crude if approved by State — six days before green groups plan a massive White House protest aimed at prodding the president to personally nix the XL link.

This is a decision that will be made by the State Department,” Carney told reporters today when pressed on what permitting the pipeline might reveal about Obama’s environmental record. “And they are taking into … account public comment and comments certainly from experts, both environmental, as well as energy experts.” [Emphasis added]

And while Obama is Hillary’s boss, that’s a detail that will be lost on the young green zombies militating against the pipeline.

3 thoughts on “Obama to make Hillary take Keystone hit”

  1. This whole problem with CO2 emissions is 180 degrees off course.. Demonizing CO2 as an ingredient in the problem of Global Warming has been proven as inconsequential, yet our politicos can’t let go of AGW. We are never going to get too warm from greenhouse gases because with ice at our poles we are still vulnerable to a return of the Pleistocene glaciations and we need to warm up a bit to remainice ice free. Any attempt to control climates is counter productive. Our only hope of avoiding another glaciation is a robust greenhouse gas because our Sun is not always a reliable heat source..

  2. If the Canadians don’t sell the oil to the US, they will sell it to China..
    The end result will be no change in emissions and higher oil prices for US consumers.

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