Halloween face paint scare

Do you know what’s in your child’s face paint?

That’s the question asked by this article in the Naples News:

The ingredient list on the back of your child’s Halloween face paint reads like a science project. Propylparaben? Titanium dioxide? Diazolidinyl urea?

Talk about spooky.

Halloween is full of things we’re supposed to be afraid of, but monsters and goblins may not be the worst of it. If you’re wondering whether that tube of red paint you’re about to smear on your child’s face is actually safe, it may be worth doing a bit of research before you begin.

A fair enough suggestion. But unlike this article which would steer you towards the so-called Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (but which is really a front for anti-chemical environmental extremists like the Environmental Working Group), we will steer you toward the Personal Care Products Council — businesses that are actually responsible for what they say and do (as compared to the unaccountable and no-account EWG).

Read the Naples News article.

Look up ingredients at the Personal Care Products Council web site (CosmeticsInfo.org).

3 thoughts on “Halloween face paint scare”

  1. Yawn … don’t they do this every year? Can’t wait for the hysterical articles about the Christmas toys!

  2. I hope that a lot of other Americans are getting as tired as I am about this seemingly endless parade of baseless scare campaigns from this group of human haters that has disguised themselves as protectors of us ignorant innocents.

  3. Propylparaben – certified food additive and very common skin cream ingredient
    Titanium dioxide – White pigment. Standard sunscreen ingredient
    Diazolidinyl urea – Ingredient in cosmetics, baby wipes, and bubble bath.

    If those are the worst ingredients, then it’s not worth reading the article.

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