Feds waste $60 billion on bioterror Maginot Line

Build it and they will go around it…. if there even is a “them”.

The cover of today’s New York Times Magazine reads, “Ten Years After the Anthrax Attacks, We Are Still Not Ready.”

The ominously titled article, “There’s Not Nearly Enough of This Vaccine to Go Around” notes that:

To heighten the nation’s biodefenses, the federal government has invested more than $60 billion since 2001, developing and distributing air sensors, educating doctors about the symptoms of bioterror pathogens and distributing medical supplies for biodefense to hospitals around the country.

But you can bet that anyone sophisticated enough to weaponize a pathogen is going to be smart enough to be one-step ahead (at least) of the politicized bioterrorism bureaucracy and its contractor lackeys and their Maginot Line of sensors, awareness and likely obsolete/inadequate medical supplies.

The smarter and more cost-effective approach to the unlikely threat of mass bioterror is the smaller task — i.e., to carefully and continually monitor credible threats (people and facilities). But that’s a lot less lucrative.

Now that bioterrorism industry is back — at least for the 10th anniversary of the 200l anthrax attacks — click below for Steve Milloy’s FoxNews.com columns on bioterrorism:

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