Boulder’s Blockheads

It’s not called “Colorado Warming” either.

The “progressive” town of Boulder, CO wants to raise taxes by $1.9 million to study how its residents can pay more for electricity.

It seems that many in the town want to get rid of its politically incorrect, fossil fuel-burning utility Xcel and replace it with something else, say, Xpensive.

As reported by the New York Times:

Proponents of ballot issues 2C and 2B, which includes a $1.9 million tax increase in the first year to pay for planning and analysis, say that the utility industry desperately fears a public awakening, and that a John Brown-like raid on a monopoly in one place could galvanize electricity consumers all across the nation to push for change.

Leaders of the effort concede that huge challenges await if the city goes forward, and that Xcel is not the worst provider to have. Partly prodded by a Colorado law requiring 30 percent renewable energy by 2020 — one of the most aggressive standards in the nation — the company has become a big producer of wind electricity. It has also spent more than $40 million here in Boulder building a pilot project called Smart Grid, with sophisticated metering that can help customers reduce electricity use.

Not enough, some say.

“Boulder can do better,” said Shaun McGrath, a former mayor and a leader of the ballot drive.

A “John Brown-like raid”? We’re not sure we see the link between the abolition of slavery and wanting to pay more for electrons, but logic never was the Left’s strong suit anyway.

Read the New York Times report.

6 thoughts on “Boulder’s Blockheads”

  1. Why are they spending millions to study what a single accountant could do in a week? Alternatively, they could just put out a call for bids and see what comes up. Why should the city pay for this part?

  2. Having lived in Boulder in the mid-1970’s. and having been caught up in the whole envirommental movement, as if it was all the “gospel truth”, I can now proudly say that I woke up one day in the 80’s and discovered that, as Michael Crichton so aptly phrased it in his book, and I am paraphrasing here:
    We are lviing in a STATE OF FEAR that has its genesis in the now
    deeply entrenched enviromental movement who’s only task today is to
    perpetuate itself, as any corporation would, by praying on our fears.
    Granted, STATE OF FEAR is a work of fiction, but then very few books of fiction contain a bibliography that shows such an overwhelming amount of information from university, governmental research, and climate data gathering organizations to support his belief that anthropogenic global warming is not supported by the data.
    So, once again there will be ANOTHER USELESS STUDY, costing almost two million dollars, just to figure out where to start! LIike the tried and true saying goes: Follow the Money, and see how much is actually spent on doing real research.

  3. If I’m not mistaken the national socialist party embraced – like many in Boulder – Mother Nature, ecology, pagan symbolism, astrology, and other facets of pantheism. This isn’t just hearsay, I subscribed to the Telegraph for a good while and once spent some time checking out Boulder for professional reasons (a possible relocation). I was not impressed.

  4. Boulder has always been a nest of weasels…A perfect place for the resurgence of the national socialist party.

  5. Pass the popcorn. Socialism is its own punishment, and this fiasco is headed straight for the ditch. If you live in Boulder, and you have access to Natural Gas, you can hedge. Make sure you have gas heat, gas stove, and gas hot water. You need enough gas powered electric generation to keep the heat and water pumps going, and few lights on.

    It will cost some money, but, on an energy equivalent basis, NG is about 1/6 of the price of electricity in free market America.

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