5 thoughts on “Want to be an IPCC reviewer?”

  1. I am sure the pay is good, but it just wouldn’t work out. I don’t think I could contain myself from laughing in their commie faces. If hired, my employment would be brief, so I will spare myself the agony of the pink slip, and respectfully decline.

  2. It is obviously a hoax site. Under the section where the selectee indicates his or her competence to review a specific chapter, there was no selection for items such as “Tricking the Data”, “Using a Single Tree-ring Sample as Proof”, “Making Up Data from Thin Air”, “Deleting Data which Proves Your Insanity”, and other such subjects.

  3. This is the IPCC’s website for working group one

    It’s a good fake (with the correct layout and a nearly-correct menu, the rest of the webiste looks correct, and the Home page redirects to the real deal), but it’s a fake all the same. There is no registration form on the original, and the IPCC Working Group 5 has already selected their authors.

    This is undoubtably a scam and should be reported to the Scretariat for action.

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