5 thoughts on “Want to be an IPCC reviewer?”

  1. This is the IPCC’s website for working group one

    It’s a good fake (with the correct layout and a nearly-correct menu, the rest of the webiste looks correct, and the Home page redirects to the real deal), but it’s a fake all the same. There is no registration form on the original, and the IPCC Working Group 5 has already selected their authors.

    This is undoubtably a scam and should be reported to the Scretariat for action.

  2. It is obviously a hoax site. Under the section where the selectee indicates his or her competence to review a specific chapter, there was no selection for items such as “Tricking the Data”, “Using a Single Tree-ring Sample as Proof”, “Making Up Data from Thin Air”, “Deleting Data which Proves Your Insanity”, and other such subjects.

  3. I am sure the pay is good, but it just wouldn’t work out. I don’t think I could contain myself from laughing in their commie faces. If hired, my employment would be brief, so I will spare myself the agony of the pink slip, and respectfully decline.

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