The Communist Menu-festo

Now that the left has wrecked and/or captured the energy, financial and health care sectors of our economy, our food chain is the next target.

Check out The Nation‘s food issue for the comrades’ propaganda and plans, and the Manchurian congressmen they are relying on, including Sens. Tom Harkin, Jon Tester and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Reps. Earl Bluemenauer and Jim McGovern.

All you industry guys who have spent the last few years snuggling up to the food activist/police groups, you’re only cutting your own industry’s — as well as the rest of our — throats.

2 thoughts on “The Communist Menu-festo”

  1. Funny, I have type 2 diabetes, and know that easily and quickly metabolized carbohydrates can wreck blood sugar control as badly as having too few carbohydrates that slides into hypoglycemia, a potentially very dangerous condition. Diabetics have to strike a balance. Extremes are VERBOTEN!

  2. Frances Moore Lappe is seriously responsible for the epidemic of obesity in this country and burgeoning round the world. First, there is very little hunger in the whole world that is not due to a) deliberate withholding of food as a war tactic (see Ethiopia) b) natural disasters. None of the garbage Lappe peddles will fix either of those two causes. She is a complete nut case who is anti-meat and anti-fat ( as in eating fat). As a consequence the USDA has pushed a diet that is probably substantially responsible for a great deal of the obesity and diabetes that cost our nation and the world trillions of dollars a year in medical costs and lost and injured lives– I am talking about the high carbohydrate diet. That is what this evil woman is pushing. I say evil because she and her “green” friends are willfully ignoring basic physiological facts and research which show that a high carbohydrate diet for people who are prone to diabetes probably causes and exacerbates diabetes. See Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories, Richard Bernstein M. D>, Diabetes Solution.

    Fourteen controlled studies have been done of relative weight loss etc. on Low Carb High Fat diets– all 14 found that such a diet is better for losing weight than a high carb (lots of fruits and whole grains) diet.
    And clinical studies of the effect of a low carbohydrate high protein diet on diabetes demonstrate what every clinician knows: restrict your carbs and your blood glucose readings will improve.

    The internet is full of diabetes do it yourself websites where people who were either in the early stages of diabetes or were diagnosed as pre-diabetic lowered their carbohydrate intake and saw their blood sugard normalize. This high carbohydrate being touted by the left is literally dangerous to some people’s health.

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