Sunstein: Regulatory moratorium like a 'nuclear bomb'

Do we really need more regulations? Obama regulatory czar Cass Sunstein says a regulatory moratorium would cripple the Executive branch.

As reported by Politico, Sunstein testified in Congress today that,

For one thing, “A moratorium would not be a scalpel or a machete, it would be more like a nuclear bomb, in the sense that it would prevent regulations that, let’s say, cost very little, and have very significant economic or public health benefits,” he said.

A moratorium would also block the executive branch from its duty to carry out laws passed by Congress, he added. “A moratorium would violate the requirement of laws to be faithfully executed, so it would have to be a highly qualified moratorium.” A time out on rules would also prevent some deregulatory efforts because they are considered regulatory actions, Sunstein said.

But of course who can reasonably claim that the American economy or public health is better off since the Obama regulatory machine gun started firing? Moreover, we have far more than enough regulation to ensure the safety of the public health and our economy needs far less regulation in order to return to growth.

Anyway under Obama, regulation is really an archaic and inappropriate term. Strangulation is more like it. So what if we just go for a strangulatory moratorium?

9 thoughts on “Sunstein: Regulatory moratorium like a 'nuclear bomb'”

  1. @ Rainer:

    Obama hasn’t changed. You don’t recover from a lifetime of telling yourself lies.

    No one should ask Alex Jones for any information whatever. Jones is an absolute loser kook.

  2. “But of course who can reasonably claim that the American economy or public health is better off since the Obama regulatory machine gun started firing?”

    No man can claim this because the premise that man must be regulated is false. Regulation is the regulation of man’s mind. It assumes that thinking is not necessary for man to live. In the Sunstein world, a man wakes up a criminal who must follow rules which Sunstein happily churns out. That is not what being human is and Sunstein is the least human among us, thinking he can have this work and get away with this preposterous idea.

  3. As Obama lately made so good decisions, as he has changed himself, and Cass Sunstein didn`t change, it is perhaps time now for Obama to fire Sunstein and distanciate himself from him (and his scientific paper). Like this could be the path to win the next election.
    To those who don`t know who Cass Sunstein is, ask Alex Jones.

  4. The current executive branch needs to be more than crippled…It needs to be impeached & imprisoned along with all its czars & supporters..

  5. It’s pretty simple: Sunnstein and Company can’t as easily pick winners and losers in business, once they lose their regulatory power.

    And of course, Papa Cass is only concerned because he loves the country and its fine people, so so so very much. WAIT, I KNOW!!!

    He’s (sniff, sob) doing it for the children.

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