EPA lectures Luminant on how to manage a power plant in tough economic times

Apparently tipped off to Luminant’s lawsuit filed Sep. 11 against EPA concerning the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, the EPA sent this obnoxious and condescending letter informing Luminant that shutting down mines is not the way to go in tough economic times.

The EPA lectured Luminant,

While making the business decision to close these mines may be one of several cost-effect ways to comply with the rule we do not believe it is the only path forward, particularly given the nation’s difficult economic situation.

Aside from the EPA’s temerity in advising Luminant on how to run its operations, why did the agency promulgate a benefit-less, job-killing regulation during the “nation’s difficult economic situation” in the first place?

4 thoughts on “EPA lectures Luminant on how to manage a power plant in tough economic times”

  1. One of the cure’s to this madness is a blackout. People tend to get upset when they have no power, and will start asking questions why this is. The simple answer, Obama…….

  2. This is a political reaction, the administration is scared of how this looks. Especially when the rolling blackouts occur. It is very difficult to say that the blackout didn’t occur when people are without power. That is why the letter includes the statement about the EPA not causing a power interruption.

    Given what happened in the NY 9th district yesterday, one would suspect even greater sensitivity.

  3. I can answer your question. Because they really don’t give a damn about jobs or the economy. Except when they can use it as an excuse to bash someone they don’t like.

  4. 64 percent SO2 reduction fleetwide. This cannot be accomplished with dry sorbent injection. It will require construction of wet FGD technology.

    EPA is either out of their minds or this tactic is simply a smoke screen attempt to fool the court to declare that Luminant lacks standing.

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