5 thoughts on “Retiring federal judge goes off on federal scientists”

  1. Thanks for the link Don. This is the second instance in a month where government officials have accused Environmental Conservation departments of blatantly lying under oath. This is troubling.

  2. The article said the good judge’s comments were a “rant” or “diatribe.” I read the whole decision, and it was neither. Rather, it was a considered ruling on the suit that included a very painful point-by-point justification of a finding of agency bad faith because of inconsistent and misleading testimony by two federal witnesses, Jennifer Norris (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) and Fred Feyrer (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation); the bad-faith finding was reluctant and embarrassing, in part because both should have known better. Judge Wanger is saddened by the chicanery of the two, but I am more saddened by his retirement. How many federal judges are left to stand between me and the radical environmentalists?

  3. The problem with some (not all) government scientists is that they prefer to do political “science” and not the real thing. The private sector has its share of charlatans, too. The end result is that they use the color of their expertise to deceive for their own advantage.

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